Full fat butter from grass-fed cows contains CLA, Vitamin K12 and omega 3 & 6 in healthy ratios.  May help with reproduction, mental health and weight control.

Probably Healthy.


Mark Sisson – Is All Butter Created Equal?

“There’s not much more to say other than get out there and find yourself a decent source of grass-fed butter!”

Dr Peter Attia

“But experiments over the last decade have demonstrated that people who eat as much as they want of fatty-foods, even foods rich in saturated fat like butter and lard and eggs, lose weight and improve their heart disease risk factors”

Gary Taubes Blog (not  a direct quote)

” butter, and oil are all healthy parts of a low-carb diet.”  Dr Eric Westman. p115

Chris Kresser – For a Healthy Heart, Stick to Butter

“While we wait for the policy makers and medical organizations to battle it out, I’ll stick to eating butter!”

Chris Masterjohn

“In the meantime, enjoy your butter!  Yum. :)”

Robb Wolf

“Personally, I use a fair amount of grass fed butter,”

Dr Terry Wahls

“If you use butter — use ghee (clarified butter which removes the protein (casein) to which many have sensitivity (similar structurally to gluten). It is not hard to clarify butter. Likely YouTube has videos showing the process”

Robert Lustig

“Greens” (good foods)

Nina Teicholz

“If you want to get your fat from.. whole-fat dairy… butter, there’s no data to show that’s not perfectly safe”

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