Whole Greek Yogurt


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Mark Sisson – Is all yogurt created equally?

“strained yogurt is yogurt with most of the liquid whey removed. This creates an ultra-thick, high-protein, high-fat, creamy yogurt”

Read more: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/is-all-yogurt-created-equal/#ixzz3yuEjSZFf

Peter Attia – What I actually eat.

Dinner: Leftover ground beef sautéed from previous night, salad with homemade cream dressing (whole fat Greek yogurt, olive oil, basil, blue cheese, garlic)

Gary Taubes -Why we get fat and what do do about it

Q:  Diet Detective: What’s always in your fridge and pantry?

A: Gary Taubes: Eggs, full–fat Greek yogurt, butter, almonds, coconut butter.


Robb Wolf –Grocery store tour –

“Choose plain yogurt” .. picks up Chobani Greek yogurt at about 3 mins



Robb Wolf Shades of Paleo – The ‘Lacto Paleo’

“The optimal choices here are organic, grassfed, whole (full-fat) dairy products.  Skim milk and Yoplait light need not apply.”


Chris MasterJohn  -Philosophical breakthrough on fruit.

“I love berries in my yogurt”


CHRIS KRESSER – List of the top 14 foods

10. Whole yogurt or kefir


Stephen Guyonet

“The third reason is that these cultures know cultured milk(yogurt) is delicious and nutritious”


Ben Greenfield

“We drink milk at our house and we just get full fat milk from a local raw dairy farm. When we get yogurt, we get full fat yogurt”………”People who ate full fat dairy were falling into the lowest quartile in terms of their risk for metabolic syndrome which would basically be like risk of diabetes, risk of heart disease and obesity, etc. and all these different metabolic chronic disease issues. ”

Read more http://www.bengreenfieldfitness.com/2012/10/episode-212-full-transcript/

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