Which Supplement Company should I use?


No real consensus I’m afraid. Labdoor, may be the best option on this topic.

In order to establish this I looked for two main criteria.

    1. Endorsements from the usual trustworthy authors referenced on this site.
    2. No commercial connection from the endorsers to the companies that I could find. Correct me if there are.



Dr Rhonda Patrick – Jarrow, Thorne

Endorses Jarrow on one of her podcast episodes (not sure which one) and this tweet. “I like Thorne and Jarrow.” 

*Update(in a podcast about sulfurophane she expresses less confidence in Jarrow and further endorses Thorne.

Rob Wolf – Now, Jarrow

My training at 39 “100mg the Jarrow Q-sorb variety. Cod Liver Oil – 1 tablespoon/day. I took this mainly for the vit-D. If this was not handy I’d take a NowFoods 5,000IU vit-dNowFoods Tribulus 1000. I took 3 tablets with breakfast and lunch.”

Chris Kresser – Jarrow , Green Pastures, Vital Choice, Rosita

The definitive fish oil buyers guide. “Not all fish oils are created equal. It’s essential to do your homework and make an informed choice.”

Peter Attia – Carlson, Now, Nature made, Primal Blueprint –

What I actually eat. “VITAMIN D -5,000 IU D3 in gel capsule, by NOW. MAGNESIUM 400 mg magnesium oxide by Nature Made. SODIUM 2,000 mg in the form of bouillon, typically by Knorr. MCT OIL Either 2 or 3 tablespoons, depending on activity level, by NOW.”

Dr Terry Wahls – Life extension

Bulletproof radio interview

Chris Masterjohn – Dr Rons, Green Pasture, Radiant Life.

High-vitamin Cod liver Oil can be found at number of other sites, including Dr. Ron’s, GreenPasture.Org, and Radiant Life.

D’om D’agostino – Quest, Swanson and many others – Mention some on the Tim Ferris Podcast.

http://ketonutrition.org/ – (see companies)

Other Notes

Mark Sisson – My usual first port of call but owns his own supplement company so ruled out.

As a side note, this paleohacks post reaches a similar conclusion but through different means.




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