Like Rottentomatoes for diet and training.

We take research-focused bloggers and compile a consensus on what foods may or may not be generally healthy.

Source Article Criteria –
1. Author uses and links to research to support their writing i.e. not primarily a recipe site.
The wisdom of crowds works best when individuals arrive at their decision independently.
2. 3+ years writing and/or research about Paleo/Primal type diets.
3. Practice what they preach. Evidence of a healthy lifestyle and lean body mass.

Robb Wolf
Mark Sisson
Dr Peter Attia
Gary Taubes
Chris Kresser
Chris MasterJohn
Dr Terry Wahls
Dr Michael Eades
Mike D’Angelo
Stephan Guyonet

Dr Mercola

Dominic D’Agostino

Dr Rhonda Patrick


When someone says, how do you know that grass fed butter is healthy? It’s hard to just summarise all that you have read. It could be just 2 articles or it could be 20 research papers. For me it simply serves as a shortcut to go deeper on each food type.

This is mostly inspired by Mark Sissons incredible ability to take multiple studies, many of which are intimidating to non-scientists and popularize the research, without oversimplifying the results. By adding other, well regarded voices on certain foods, I hope to build on his work.

‘Probably’ remains an important caveat. As the research evolves, so will the consensus. Nutrition may still be in its infancy but we can hopefully draw good principles by making some research-backed, basic assumptions.

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