Vitamins and Supplements for Male Fertility

  Consensus: High quality fish Oil (DHA, EPA) . Zinc, and Vitamin C not consensus but more widely cited. Articles = 3 Research papers = 6   Mark Sisson Supplement strategically. Studies of male infertility have shown that zinc and vitamin C levels correlated with sperm count and quality. Additionally, L-carnitine and L-acetyl-carnitine have been useful supplements for enhancing sperm motility and quality. Chris Kresser … Continue reading Vitamins and Supplements for Male Fertility


Consensus Full fat butter from grass-fed cows contains CLA, Vitamin K12 and omega 3 & 6 in healthy ratios.  May help with reproduction, mental health and weight control. Probably Healthy. Reviews Mark Sisson – Is All Butter Created Equal? “There’s not much more to say other than get out there and find yourself a decent source of grass-fed butter!” Dr Peter Attia “But experiments over … Continue reading Butter