Consensus Probably healthy – preferably wild. 8 Articles 10+ study references   Peter Attia – What I actually eat. On feeding his daughter …”when she eats fruit, it’s usually lower fructose fruits (e.g., raspberries, blueberries, strawberries) rather than higher fructose fruits (e.g., watermelon, banana).”       Gary Taubes – Intervention land of Dr Oz “If I eat fruit, other than maybe a handful … Continue reading Blueberries


There is a surprising lack of research from some of the Authors referenced for this blog. I have included some notes on relevant studies as an alternative. Mark Sisson Local co-ops, farmers’ markets and CSAs are all great places to look for reasonably priced pastured and/or organic chicken. Some references in this article highlight the importance of Organinc or Free Range meat, due to … Continue reading Chicken


Marks Daily Apple   But why should you be eating them? Almonds are a good source of supplementary protein, providing 7.62 grams of protein per quarter cup serving, compared to just 5.5 grams for the average egg. In addition, they are an excellent source of manganese, potassium, copper and vitamin E and also provide a hefty dose of heart healthy monounsaturated fats. In fact, ounce … Continue reading Almonds

Sweet Potatoes

Consensus Probably healthy although US sweet potatoes are bred sweeter than Asian varieties.   Mark Sisson   Basic sweet potatoes are strong sources of beta-carotene, manganese, and copper. A small one has 22g carbs and 3g fiber (food for your gut flora), making it the perfect post-workout snack.   Read more:   Robb Wolf   A meal of 4-8 oz of lean protein PLUS … Continue reading Sweet Potatoes

Chicken Liver

  Chris MasterJohn ..researchers have found vitamin A to be important to many other processes. These include preventing childhood mortality,1 preventing childhood asthma,2, 3 promoting pubertal development4 protecting against oxidative stress,5 protecting against environmental toxins,6preventing kidney stones,7 regulating the amount of fat tissue in the body,8 regulating blood sugar,9and protecting against fatty liver disease.10 Liver is an absolute nutritional powerhouse, nature’s multivitamin Chris … Continue reading Chicken Liver


Consensus Probably Healthy. Studies show that it can reduce likelihood of Cancer, Parkinson’s and Type 2 Diabetes. Wide range of coffee types, result in different effects. Jitters and dependency are consensus potential downsides. Minority of people can’t tolerate.   Mark Sisson – Coffee and Insulin, Fat and post workout meals   “Despite all the clinical trials showing that acute intakes of caffeine and coffee tend … Continue reading Coffee